How We Can Help

How We Can Help

The Home Service Winchcombe was set up by local resident Sarah Davies to help those who may need assistance with some everyday tasks.

Sarah's been living and working locally for over 20 years. She is raising 4 daughters and cares about her community. All her colleagues are local trades people who are trusted and well known. We are all DBS checked and properly insured to help you.

We can help out with everything from changing a light bulb or writing your Christmas cards, reading a meter to changing and washing your sheets, moving furniture or DIY jobs around the home and garden.

We cater for your needs. You can either Pay As You Go for one off jobs or become a member to receive permanently discounted prices. We are transparent on all pricing and no job is too small.

All our staff are DBS checked to ensure your safety.

 We are honest, reliable and working hard for local people to take your worries away.

A full price list and locations we cover are below or if you have any questions do get in touch on 01242 603867 or 07747037929.

Home Service Sarah
Sarah digging out foundations for a patio and helping Terry and Elmo with Christmas cards.

Jobs We Can Assist You With

Little Job Examples

  • Please change my light bulb
  • My fuse went, I can't reach the box
  • Can you get me a birthday card?
  • Can you read the meters for me?
  • I forgot to get my prescription
  • Please can you put out my bins
  • Can you post this letter?
  • Can you pick up my bulky item of post or shopping eg. Potatoes/toilet rolls.
  • Can you iron this shirt for me?
  • I need a few things at the shops.
  • Hang out my washing/fold/collect in my washing.
  • Please open this for me.
  • You can pick anything from this list or any other task on your mind, the list is endless.J

Hourly Rate Tasks

  • I don't understand this letter/form- can you help fill something in with me?
  • Can you get this out/put this in the loft, please?
  • I'd like my path cleared of snow and ice.
  • Please can you clean out my gutters?(Bungalows only)
  • My eyesight is failing, can you read to me?
  • I'm going away, can you feed the cat/water my plants?
  • Can you help me do a shop/find out/learn how to.... on the internet?
  • I need some furniture moving about.
  • Can you take this to the tip for me?
  • Help me write out my Christmas/Birthday cards and deliver/post them.
  • My garage/loft is full of junk, can you clear it out?
  • Can you paint this room?  If whole house required then contractors will be recommended.
  • Can you do some gardening?
  • Can you clean my windows?
  • Can you mend my dripping tap?
  • Can you clean out my fridge?
  • You can pick anything from this list or any other task on your mind, the list is endless.

We can also offer you a regular cleaner for your home and a bed change, wash and return service for your sheets. Have a think about what may suit you and give us a call any time on the number below.

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